The Loss of the Solomon Browne

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This is Falmouth coastguard, over.
Back in December in the year '81
Ship going ashore, and the storm had begun.
Sending out a mayday, the distress was relayed,
A call to the lifeboat and the crew's on its way.
Underway, underway, underway.
The rocket went up, they ran to the boat,
Let go the shackles and set her afloat.
The lifeboat was launched, to save all the souls
On that dark stormy night through the gales and the squals,
Underway, underway, underway.

Eight men of courage battled through the gale,
And onward the lifeboat with the sea as a veil.
We lift up our hearts to remember the brave.

On that night in December out on the waves.
Underway, underway, underway.
The attempted rescue on that turbulent sea,
Was above and beyond the call of duty.
Coastguards had listened and heard it unfold,
Of the gallantry of the lifeboatmen, fearless and bold.
Underway, underway, underway.
Falmouth Coastguard, Falmouth Coastguard,
No report of the Solomon Browne.
Over and out.